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Sperm and Egg Freezıng

Treatment Options Sperm and Egg Freezıng

Thanks to sperm freezing, male reproductive cells can be stored for years without losing their viability. Pregnancy success rates after sperm freezing and thawing in our centre do not differ from treatments that use fresh sperm.

Tup Bebek Tedavileri

To sum up, sperm freezing is required:

  • When the father-to-be cannot be present at the centre on the day of egg collection, the treatment is continued successfully by freezing and thawing the sperm. This treatment is applied especially to our couples from abroad.
  • Before the use of medication (chemotherapy / radiotherapy) that will affect sperms due to cancer or a different disease.
  • When the father-to-be has a very low sperm quality or sperm count.
  • When sperm can be obtained by interventional procedures such as TESE, PESA.


Egg Freezing

In modern IVF methods, since egg freezing is performed by vitrification, the success of pregnancy does not change significantly after the eggs are frozen and thawed. Nowadays, the age at which women become mothers is gradually increasing due to the time spent choosing a career, a suitable mate or to provide better opportunities for their children. In contrast to sperm, the number and quality of eggs decreases significantly with increasing age. This increases the likelihood of congenital anomalies and miscarriages and reduces the chance of pregnancy. When a baby girl is born, the number of eggs in her ovaries starts to decrease with each passing month and this situation continues until menopause. In women with a family history of early menopause, the rate at which the number of eggs decreases can be faster than expected. Without any family history of early menopause, the quality and number of eggs begin to decrease rapidly after the age of 35. We strongly recommend egg storage before treatments that may affect reproductive cells such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy.