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Stimulation of the ovaries (Ovulation Induction) | Euro IVF | Cahit Cenksoy

Stimulation of the ovaries (Ovulation Induction)

Success in IVF treatment increases in line with the number of eggs collected.  In the light of this information, the goal is to collect the maximum number of eggs without reducing their quality. IVF treatment starts with the stimulation of the ovaries. At this stage, drugs containing FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) are administered by injection around the navel. These injections are administered with very thin needles such as insulin needles. The treatment is not painful. 


Some medicines contain LH (luteinising hormone) as well as FSH. If necessary, LH-containing drugs are also added to the treatment. Pills that increase the body's own FSH production in support of the externally administered FSH hormone can also be used in the treatment.


This treatment is started on the 2nd or 3rd day of menstruation. The aim is to enlarge the fluid sacs called follicles in the ovary. Follicles are structures containing eggs. Eggs develop with the support of this hormone. Generally, 4-6 days after medication is started, the expectant mother is called for ultrasound control for the first examination. If the desired response is not obtained, the drug doses are increased. Subsequent controls are usually performed in intervals of 1-2 days. The purpose of these evaluations is to measure the response of the ovaries to the medication.


This allows administering the drugs that will enable the eggs to mature at the most appropriate time. The aim is to synchronise the follicle diameters with each other so that they reach an average diameter of 17-19 mm. The next stage is the administration of egg hatching injections (egg activators).

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