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OPU (Egg Collection) | Euro IVF | Cahit Cenksoy

OPU (Egg Collection)

This is one of the most important steps of IVF treatment. The procedure is performed approximately 35.5-36 hours after the egg hatching (maturation) injection.  The eggs are removed from the mother's ovaries with the help of a needle. This procedure is performed under anaesthesia in the IVF operating room. There is a guide on the vaginal ultrasound probe. This guide is passed through the OPU needle and the follicles in the ovary are reached.  Follicles are fluid-filled sacs in the ovary containing eggs.


When the follicle is entered, the aspirator device connected to the other end of the needle draws the fluid and the egg into a plastic tube with negative pressure. The egg is now outside the body. The tube is sent to the embryologist and the egg in the fluid is immediately found with the help of a microscope. It is removed from the fluid with the help of a special cannula.  When all the eggs are collected, they are stored in a special device called an incubator. The duration of the egg collection process varies with the number of follicles enlarged in the ovaries. It is usually completed in 10 - 30 minutes. There is usually no significant pain after the procedure. 

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