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Perhaps the most important step of IVF treatment is the transfer of the embryos into the mother's uterus. Depending on the anatomical condition of the expectant mother and the image quality in ultrasound, the transfer time is 5 - 10 minutes. Although it seems simpler than other steps, all technical rules must be followed for the treatment to be successful.


The day and time of the transfer are determined in advance and the expectant mother arrives at the IVF centre with a full bladder (urine bag). This makes it easier to perform abdominal ultrasound. The transfer is performed with the guidance of ultrasound. Before the procedure, secretions and drug residues in the cervix are completely cleaned with pure water. If possible, a soft cannula is used. The transfer process is completed without the tip of the cannula touching the top of the endometrium. All of the above mentioned are important details that increase the success of treatment.


The transfer procedure is painless and does not require anaesthesia. While the expectant mother is in the gynaecological examination position, a very thin and soft cannula is passed through the cervix (cervix) and the area where the embryo should attach, i.e. the endometrium (uterine wall), is reached precisely. When the tip of the cannula reaches the appropriate area, the embryo(s) are deposited there with the help of the syringe at the other end. Although the post-transfer lying position and duration do not effect the pregnancy success rates or miscarriage rates, we allow the expectant mothers to stand up only after resting for 1-2 hours in our centre.